Fact Sheet

  • Developer: All Parts Connected, Lithuania
  • Early Access Date: November 13, 2018
  • Release Date: September 30, 2023
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
  • Website: Allpartsconnected.com
  • Price:  17.99$
  • Availability: Digital Download, STEAM
  • Languages: English
  • Download Size: 410MB (1.4GB on disk)
  • Press Contact: sipho@allpartsconnected.com
  • SocialTwitterFacebookYouTube, STEAM, Itch.ioDiscord

About the game

Sipho is a game that combines eerie real life underwater creatures, insects, body parts with building, combat and exploration. Create your own creature by combining various parts, called zooids. Each zooid specializes in some sort of function– some zooids eat food, others are responsible for movement, attacking other creatures or providing structural support. Most zooids have active and passive abilities. All of the zooids combine into a single creature, Sipho, whose main goal is to climb to the top of the food chain, by using cunning weaponry and various skills.

Collect nutritious food, grow your own creature to become the best of them all. Beware though, there are powerful enemies out there to stop you.

Lymphoids strengthening synergies with Swarmer and Megalocyst – creates devastating explosions!


  • Creature customization
    Create your own ultimate monstrosity by combining different body parts, each with unique function. The further you progress, the more options you unlock, the more powerful you get.
  • Choose your own playstyle
    Unlock 6 different species throughout the game and discover the one that fits your playstyle. Mix and match parts from different species to create the ultimate monstrosity.
  • Sandbox
    Unleash your creativity in Aquarium game mode. Get unlimited tools for creating creatures of your dreams or nightmares. Create beautiful arenas or mind-bending labyrinths – everything will be saved.
  • Infinite worlds
    Dive deep into various undiscovered places without the need to look back or backtrack.
  • Battle cunning bosses
    Show your superiority by defeating the best of their breed bosses to unlock parts to aid in your conquest.
  • Environments
    Your journey will take you from the underwater depths to lush environments to undiscovered and strange lands..
  • Replayability
    Sipho features infinite procedurally generated worlds teeming with life and challenges. Each playthrough will also provide you with different zooids that will further enhance your creature, allowing to try out various playstyles throughout the game.
  • New Game Plus
    After completing the game enter New Game Plus and discover Mutations – passive buffs that will change the way you have played. Enemies Mutate as well so beware of increasing difficulty!
Mycophorus breed in action – unique Caltroper mechanics test your fighting skills
Sipho has crazy-scaling Mutations system – with each Mutation stack you get closer to satisfying chaos

Key art

Download all Key art as a .zip



Preview or download some of the soundtracks

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